VOX Bar Menu

VOX Bar Menu is served from 11:30 - 21:00 every day

Vox Classics

Soup of the day

Served with freshly baked bread

Kr 2.400

Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce, cucumber, Caesar dressing, croutons, and parmesan cheese

Kr 2.800

Salad of the season

Fennel, avocado, celery, blood orange, puffed quinoa and Dijon vinaigrette

Add: Bacon: 600,- / Chicken:600,- / Pulled Oopmh: 600,-

Kr 3.300


Saffron, pumpkin, and pumpkin seeds oil

Kr 4.100

VOX Club sandwich

Chicken, bacon, rocket salad, tomato, club sauce and french fries

Kr 3.300

Avocado toast

Sourdough bread, rucola, avocado, grilled Halloumi cheese & pickled chili pepper

Kr 3.000

Beef & Fries

Tenderloin, Crispy french fries & saucebarnaise

Kr 5.500

Fish & Chips

Cod in beer batter, chips, and VOX tartar sauce

Kr 4.100

VOX Burger

Iceberg, pickled onion, dijonnaise bacon,

Served with french fries, tomato ketchup, and mayo

Add: fried egg, 450
Add: sauce barnaise, 500

Kr 3.300

VOX Vegan burger

Moving mountain burger, mushrooms, tomatoes, vegan cheese
and pickled onion, and dijonnaise.

Kr 3.300


French fries - Kr 900.-

Sweet potato fries - Kr 900.-

Sauce barnaise - Kr 500,-

Ketchup/Mayo/BBQ/Cocktail Sauce - Kr 250,-

Bar bites

Tiger prawns, 8 pcs. Kr 2.000
Bacon wrapped dates, 8 pcs. Kr 2.000
Deep fried Maki roll Kr 2.000
Korean chicken wings with spicy sauce Kr 2.000
Cauliflower "wings" (Vegan) Kr 2.000

Platters - perfect for sharing

Baked Cheese

White mold cheese coated with honey, and spiced nuts, served with crispy bread and house-made chutney

Kr 2.700

VOX Brasserie Nachos

VOX Brasserie Nachos with house-made guacamole

Kr 2.000


Icelandic cheeses, chorizo, Parma ham, olives & pickled vegetables

Kr 3.900

Selection of bar bites

Tiger prawns, bacon-wrapped dates, deep-fried Maki, Korean chicken wings
and cauliflower "wings"

Kr 2.800

Sweet bites

Small macaron chocolate tonka bean ganache, financier pistachio,
lemon tart lovage meringue, 70% chocolate truffle and brioche + raspberry jam

Kr 2.000



White chocolate, poached apples, almond caramel and apple sorbet

Kr 2.400

VOX Brasserie & bar

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