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We offer a lunch buffet every weeday at VOX Brasserie from 11:30 - 14:00

The buffet includes soup of the day and freshly baked bread. Guests can assemble their own salad, from a selection of lettuce, noodles and protein. The buffett also offers sushi and hot vegan, meat and fish dishes of the day.

The dessert table features our classic VOX desserts. 

Adults 4.900,-
Children 5-12 years 3.500,-

Children 0-5 years 

Eat free with adults

VOX Hádegishlaðborð

We also offer guests to order from our day menu.
The menu is also served in the bar area from 11:30 - 21:00 every day.




Tomato soup

Served with gratinated sourdough bread

Kr 2.400

Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce, cucumber, Caesar dressing, croutons, and parmesan cheese
Add to your salad: Bacon: 600 / Chicken breast: 600 / Oumph: 600

Kr 3.000

Autumn Salad

Yellow beets, orange, baked grapes, pomegranate, chrispy quinoa, walnuts and yuzu vinaigrette
Add to your salad: Bacon: 600 / Chicken:600 / Oopmh: 600

Kr 3.500

Smoked eggplant

Smoked and baked eggplant, beluga ragoût, sea buckthornge berries and tahini sause

Kr 4.300

VOX Club

Chicken, bacon, cheese, rucolo, tomato, club sauce and french fries

Kr 3.700

Tomato & stracciatella toast

Sourdough bread, marinated tomatoes, Stracciatella cheese, rucola and pickled chili
Add: French fries: 1.200 / Sweet potato fries: 1.200

Kr 3.500

Beef tenderlion & bernaise

Hasselback potato with mushroom purée, chrispy shallots, pearl onion and Béarnaise sause

Kr 7.500

Fish & Chips

Cod in beer batter, French fries and tartare sauce

Kr 4.900

VOX hamurger

Frisée salad, pickled onion, tomatoes, cheddar and Tindur cheese, bacon and dijonnaise served with French fries 
Add: Fried egg: 450 / Béarnaise sauce: 500

Kr 3.900

VOX Vegan burger

Moving Mountains burger, baked portobello mushroom, tomatoes, frisée salad, vegan cheese, pickled onion, and dijonnaise served with French fries


Kr 3.700


French fries
Sweet potato fries
Béaarnaise sauce
Ketchup / Mayo
BBQ / Cocktail Sauce

Kr. 1.200
Kr. 1.200
Kr. 500
Kr. 250
Kr. 250


Tiger prawns, 8 pcs. Kr. 2.000
Bacon-wrappes, 8 pcs. Kr. 2.000
Deep fried Maki roll Kr. 2.000
Chipotle chicken wings Kr. 2.000
Crispy polenta with aioli dip Kr. 2.000

PLATTERS - perfect for sharing

Baked cheese

White mold cheese with spiced nuts, served with crispy bread and caramalized onion

Kr 2.700

VOX Guacamole

VOX Brasserie corn chips with house-made guacamole

Kr 2.000


Icelandic cheeses, chorizo, Parma ham, olives & pickled vegetables

Kr 3.900

Selection of barbites

Tiger prawns, bacon wrapped dates, deep fried Maki, chipotle chicken wings and crispy polenta

Kr 3.000

Sweet bites

Small macaron, sticky toffee pudding, brownie, Sarah Bernhard and fresh berries       

Kr 2.500 



Caramel, crumble and vanilla ice cream


If you have an allergy to any food products, please inform your waiter.

Kr 2.700