Evening Menu


Lamb tartar

Lamb tartar, quail egg, mustard & horseradish

ISK 3.090

Salmon & mushroom

Salmon, mushroom consommé, ponzu & shitake

ISK 2.990

Langoustine & butternut squash

Langoustine raviole, butternut squash, dill & sour dough bread

ISK 3.390

Shellfish soup

Creamy shellfish soup, shellfish, onions

ISK 2.990

Beef brisket

Slow cooked beef brisket, fermented garlic, tarragon & crispy potatoes & cheese foam

ISK 2.990


Main courses

Ocean perch

Celeriac & dill purée, barley risotto & crispy green kale

ISK 4.500

Arctic char

Arctic char, cauliflower, almonds, beurre-blanc & trout roe 

ISK 4.690


Duck breast and duck leg croquette, sweet cabbage, pumpkin and yuzu

ISK 5.490


Filet of lamb and braised lamb shoulder, horseradish, celeriac, oyester mushrooms and licorice glaze

ISK 5.990


Beef filet, potato rosti, spinaach, parsnip, goose liver & thyme sauce

ISK 6.490


Chef's choice menu

Three course chef's choice

ISK 8.900

- With beverage pairing

ISK 13.800

- With non alcoholic drink pairing

ISK 10.400

Please note that this menu are only served for the whole table 





Meringue, lemon custard, almonds & roasted apple ice-cream

ISK 2.650


Icelandic skyr, blue berries, caramel & cream

ISK 2.650

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate ganache, raspberries & sesame

ISK 2.790


VOX recommends

Rhubarb liqueur

Reykjavík distillery presents rabarbara special icelandic rhubarb liqueur.
Years back Icelandic children pilfered rhubarb from neighbor‘s garden, dipped in sugar and enjoyed the stolen goods.
Now the distillery has captured the unique flavor in this liqueur 

ISK 1.200


4 handmade chocolate´s specially selected by  hafliði ragnarsson, kondidor & ambassador for belgian chocolates in iceland 

ISK 1.490

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