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Evening Menu


Light courses



Pan-seared scallops, grilled leek, artichokes, smoked beurre blanc
and crispy potatoes

ISK 3.700

Iberico pork

Iberico pork belly, roasted sunchoke purée, black kale and
hazelnut vinaigrette

ISK 3.500


Beetroot tartare

Beetroot, caramelized onion, green apple, toasted cashews
and linseed chips

ISK 3.400


Soup & Salads


Seafood soup

Crab bisque, Atlantic rock crab, fennel cream, dashi pearls and kaffir lime leafs

ISK 3.500

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, cucumber, Caesar dressing, croutons, and parmesan cheese

ISK 3.000

Autumn salad

Yellow beets, oranges, baked grapes, pomegranate,
crispy quinoa, walnuts and yuzu vinaigrette

ISK 3.500


Main Courses





Carved at the table, served with a hasselback potatoe,
pickled onions and sauce Madeira
Please order with 24-hour notice.

13.900 (for two)



Beef tenderloin and bérnaise

Hasselback potato with mushroom purée, crispy shallots, pearl onion and bernaise sauce

 ISK 7.500

Shoulder of lamb

Glazed shoulder, grilled cabbage, celeriac, parsley root and caramelized whey glace with Arctic thyme

ISK 6.900

Arctic Char

Crispy Arctic char, creamed rye, kohlrabi, pickled apples, trout roe and hollandaise with roasted yeast

ISK 5.900

Porcini risotto

Confit enoki and beech mushrooms, chestnuts, 36 month old Parmesand and pecorino Toscano

ISK 5.600

Cauliflower and barley

Baked cauliflower, baby onions, barley purée and vierge sauce with sea buckthorn

ISK 4.300





Three course meal selected by our team of chefs
9.900 per person
Specially Selected wines
7.500 per person



Brasserie Classics


Tomato & stracciatella toast

Sourdough bread, tomatoes, stracciatella cheese and ruccola

ISK 3.500

VOX hamburger

Frisee salad, pickled onions, tomatoes, Dijonnaise, bacon, cheddar and Tindur Cheese and French fries

ISK 3.900

VOX vegan burger

Moving Mountains burger, frisée salad, baked portobello, pickled seet onions, tomatoes, vegan cheese, dijonaise and French fries

ISK 3.700

Club Sandwich

Chicken, bacon, ruccola, tomatoes, club sauce, cheese and French fries

ISK 3.700

Fish and Chips

Cod in beer batter, French fries and sauce tartar

ISK 4.900





Skyr and billberries

Whipped skyr from Erpsstaðir, billberries, rhubarb, caramelized buckwheat and blueberry thyme granita

ISK 2.800

Chocolate and cherries

Chocolate mousse, cherries, brick pastry and cherry sorbet

ISK 2.800


Lemon cake and plums

Plum compotôte, rum ice cream, chervil and baked white chocolate

ISK 2.700



Berries and crystallized white chocolate

 ISK 2.300



Check out the bar menu for small dishes, sharing plates, and classic VOX courses.
The bar menu is served at VOX bar and lounge daily between 11:30 and 21:00.
Try VOX High Tea daily between 14:00 and 16:30.

Click to see the bar menu

If you have an allergy to any food products, please inform your waiter.