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Evening Menu

All of our courses are sharing courses except Vox classic menu.


Bread basket

Freshly baked bread and butter

Kr. 900

Pesto of the day

Ask the waiter

Kr. 400


Grilled scallops from the Westfjords

Fennel, shellfish broth, chervil, dulse (GF)


Panfried cod 150gr

Potato pureé, crispy leek, vinaigrette (GF)

Kr. 4.200

Artic charr ceviche

Yuzu vinaigrette, miso mayo, crispy quinoa, shallot, angelica (GF)

Kr. 3.800

Lemon Sole 200gr

Pickled onion, capers butter sauce (GF)

Kr. 4.200


Tomato soup

Cremé fraiche (GF)


Burrata and rhubarb

Pickled rhubarb, rhubarb jam, grilled sourdough bread

Kr. 3.600

Grilled tofu

Cashew cream, sesame marinated cucumber, grilled
carrots (V, GF)

Kr. 3.400

Panfried cauliflower

Lovage, crispy quinoa, cauliflower purée (GF)

Kr. 3.400


Pommes Anna

Layered potatoes with mushroom purée


Grilled oyster mushroom

Noisette panko, chimichurri (V)


Grilled broccolini

Dill mayo, pickled Icelandic redcurrant, noisette (GF)


Grilled carrots

Garlic noisette


Summer salad

Vaxa salad, Icelandic tomatoes, bilberries (V, GF)



Beef Tartar

Chives, capers, pickled mustard seeds, Grettir cheese, grilled sourdough bread.

Kr. 4.800

Veal cheek 150gr

Rhubarb BBQ, sweet potato purée, crispy sunchokes.

Kr. 5.600

Grilled beef tenderloin 140gr

Pommes Anna, bone marrow and Nordic thyme demi-glace.

Kr. 5.900

Grilled rack of lamb 150gr

Parsnip pureé, white cabbage, lamb demi-glace.

Kr. 4.600



VOX hamburger

Salad leaves, pickled cucumber, tomatoes, dijonnaise, bacon, Tindur cheese. Served with french fries.

ISK 4.200

VOX vegan burger

Beyond-meat burger, salad leaves, tomatoes, vegan cheese, dijonnaise, vegan mayonnaise & french fries.

ISK 3.900

Club Sandwich

Chicken, bacon, rucola, tomatoes, club sauce, cheese and French fries

ISK 4.200

Fish and Chips

Cod in tempura batter, french fries and sauce tartar

ISK 5.200

Grilled Beef rib-eye

VOX béarnaise and french fries

ISK 7.900



Experience an adventureous journey for the taste buds. Our chefs offer a creative and tasty sharing menu which is inspired by icelandic flavors and the ever changing availability of local produce. 
Then menu always includes fresh fish, meat and vegetable courses, ideal for those who want to embark on a vulinary journey and simply enjoy.
12.900 kr per person
22.800 kr with specially selected wines
* Only served for the whole table


Chocolate cake

Chocolate glace, vanilla ice cream.

ISK 2.800


Orange semifreddo

Pecan nut crumble, orange powder.

ISK 2.800


White chocolate and rhubarb

White chocolate mousse, rhubarb jam, pecan chip

ISK 2.800

Liquorice and raspberries

Liquorice mousse, vegan white chocolate, marengue, raspberry sorbet. (V, GF)

ISK 2.800



Check out the bar menu for small dishes, sharing plates, and classic VOX courses.
The bar menu is served at VOX bar and lounge daily between 11:30 am and 9 pm.
Try VOX High Tea daily between 2 pm and 4:30 pm.

Click to see the bar menu

All prices are in ISK and include service charge and VAT.
Please inform your server of any allergies or intolerances before placing your order.